Monday, October 19, 2009

“The Overabundance Syndrome”

A recent discussion about marketing gave me an idea about teaching martial arts. Sometimes it is not important that what you are teaching someone happens to be the best material, but rather how a person uses the knowledge at hand. For example, a teacher may know that controlling distance is important, but he may not also know the best way, or even how to use this knowledge to set up and/or to create a curriculum of drills for its instruction.

In other words, some people may have certain knowledge, but remain totally unaware of how to use it. I see this in both martial arts marketing and in fighting. To me it is all about two things, attitude and approach. If one is off, this can automatically defuse or negate the other. A great system of marketing or fighting is only as good as the implementation of a proper psychology (with its practice) behind it.

For me, there has always been either too much or an overabundance of knowledge out there in the martial arts. The emphasis today has been on always getting or gaining more and little attention on its proper or effective usage. This is one reason why MMA took over the media because a few guys came along and showed us that you only need a couple of moves IF they are properly used. This all starts when one puts both the practice and the proper psychology behind their endeavors.

Joe Lewis
Cum Corde Et Animis

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